Victoria Auton


victoria-300x300Victoria has been working as a body worker and healer offering treatments, classes and workshops in the UK and Europe since 1998.

She is trained as a Yoga and Meditation teacher; Thai Massage practitioner; Reflexologist ; Aromatherapist; Reiki Master; and is currently teaching the Unity Holistic Massage diploma in Brighton. She believes that good health, wellbeing and happiness are achieved by a combination of core elements. These being – deep rest and relaxation; creating space for stillness; learning to breathe properly; exercise you enjoy and a healthy diet.

The practice of Yoga has transformed her life in many ways. She believes in the incredible transformative and healing power of breath work. She wishes to share her experience, help and guide others through the practice of Yoga, massage, mediation and healing. Victoria offers each client a very personalized experience which will not only leave you feeling better but also gives you the skills you need to continue feeling great. She is passionate about her work and her clients’ comfort, trust, well-being and needs are always her highest priority.

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