Yana Valcheva


yaniYana is a professional holistic therapist with 10 years experience in massage and 14 years in energy healing. Her background is in theatre and since then she has been practicing various forms of bodywork,  yoga, dance and meditation.

Currently she specialises in women’s health, birth support and fertility. Yana teaches regular fertility  yoga classes in Brighton and also supports women as antenatal and postnatal Doula.

Yana has been working with movement and dynamic forms of meditations,  psychotherapy and breath work and has led numerous women’s  therapy groups and workshops.

Since 2001, Yana has worked as a therapist, yoga and meditation teacher in Bulgaria, India, France and the UK . She has organized and worked on retreats since 1998. She is passionate about her work and deeply believes in the wisdom of the body and its wonderful self healing powers.

Yana’s website:    www.embodhi.net